Lotsa Fizz, sometimes just known as Fizz, is a brand of candy distributed by Alberts. Typically, it is a hard candy shell filled with a small quantity of tartaric acid (cream of tartar) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). The chemical reaction that occurs when the dry acid and dry base are mixed with the moisture in the candy-eater's saliva produces a fizzing sensation inside the mouth.

Lotsa Fizz candies are individually wrapped and often come in a long "snake" of connected packets. The three usual flavours are cherry, grape, and orange — however, as a word of caution to the picky candy connoisseur, these flavours do not always correspond to the colour (red, purple, or orange) of each candy's individual packaging.

Variations of the candy, although less common, exist. They include additional flavours (green apple and blue raspberry) as well as a round tablet form of the candy called Lotsa Fizz Burst, which comes in a small pop-bottle shaped container.